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Bill Simple is a solution for automating your accounts payable. Our system will process all key invoice information, including line level detail. This software is integrated with accounting software such as Xero

To get started with us + Xero:

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Bill Simple is a Xero connected app.

Xero Integration

About Xero

Xero is world-leading online accounting software built for small business.

  • Get a real-time view of your cashflow. Log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet of phone to get a real-time view of your cash flow. It’s small business accounting software that’s simple, smart and occasionally magical.
  • Run your business on the go. Use our mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims - from anywhere.
  • Get paid faster with online invoicing. Send online invoices to your customers - and get updated when they’re opened.
  • Reconcile in seconds. Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions. Just click ok to reconcile.

Find out more or try Xero Accounting Software for free.


Benefits of Bill Simple

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Bill Simple gives you the ability to drill down and analyse on a per item basis with line level detail. The quality of the information collected from each invoice creates a world of possibilities.

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Its in the name, with a user friendly drag and drop system; you'll gain efficiency, productivity and accuracy when it comes to invoice handling. No more manual data entry!

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Our Competitors

To the best of our knowledge, none of our competitors offer the same level of detail, simplicity and quality as Bill Simple.

How It Works

Step One

Forward your invoices to our dedicated address.

Bill Simple Supplier

Step Two

We process and validate your invoice through computer wizardry.

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Step Three

Your invoice populates with line level detail in the drafts section of your accounting software, ready for final checks and approval.

Bill Simple Xero Integration

A simple, easy and time saving solution that makes your accounts payable a breeze.

With Bill Simple, you'll get accurate line level detail and information from each invoice allowing for cost analysis, price comparison, and simplified oin-charging to clients.

Get in touch today to see if Bill Simple is right for you and your organisation.


Integrations with Xero

Xero Integration

Bill Simple is Hands-Free

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Heavy Lifting

Bill Simple Hands-Free is an invoice scanning solution that automates your bills. Simply email through the invoice and our systems do all the heavy lifting; from analysis to checking and validation.

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Bill Simple will pull out all key invoice information including line level detail and put this directly into your accounting system such as Xero. Simply review the invoice in your drafts, make any adjustments you like and approve.

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The easiest way to use Bill Simple Hands-Free is by forwarding through your invoices as you receive them. Please allow up to 48 hours for your invoices to be fully analysed by our system and populate in your accounting software for review and approval.

Bill Simple Pricing

For further information please contact us today by clicking here


  • Line level detail
  • Uploaded in your accounting software

  • Default account selection for all first time bills
  • Computer automation for repeated bills

  • Minimum spend of $50 NZD / month

Bill Simple

$1.10 NZD / Invoice

Turnaround Time: 48 Hours

Cost is only applied per successful invoice

Bill Simple +

$1.30 NZD / Invoice

Turnaround Time: 24 Hours

Cost is only applied per successful invoice


What web browsers will Bill Simple. work best on?

Bill Simple integrates with your email. No need for complicated interfaces.

How do I update a suppliers default General Ledger (GL) code?

Just update the default code in Xero under your contacts.

Can I have a specific General Ledger (GL) code changed for just the one invoice?

This is in development. If you need this please email the invoice and your question to your Nova IT representative and they will help you with this.

Support Documentation
Click Here
What happens if I attempt to process the same invoice twice?

It will be error handled. Contact you Nova IT representative for options around how you would like these handled.

How do I access Bill Simple?

Sign up here.

If you have signed up simply forward your invoices to and our system will do the rest.

Items are being coded to the wrong General Ledger (GL) Code. What do I do?

Items are set to code first against successfully processed lines that have been approved in Xero. If there are no items processed under the description that your supplier has provided, then Bill Simple will process these to the default GL code for that supplier as noted in Xero. If it is a new supplier, it will go to a default account for your organisation. Once you correct the account code for that item it will code this to that account for future transactions once an invoice has been approved.

Get Started

Getting Started.

  1. Create an account with Xero by clicking here. Once your account has been created set it up with Contacts(Suppliers)
  2. Go to Bill Simple Signup here
  3. Once step 2 has been completed you will receive an email to the same email address used for your Xero account. This will provide an email address for you to send your invoices to.
  4. Send Invoices to the provided email.
  5. Setup done your invoicing is all hands-free.
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